Music in childhood boosts brains in later life

British Reporter  — Taking up a musical instrument in childhood and adolescence is associated with improved thinking skills in older age, research shows. People with more experience of playing a musical instrument showed greater lifetime improvement on a test of cognitive ability than those

3 mins read

Do students gain weight in college?

Is the freshman 15 a myth? University resources help with weight gain.Everyone’s heard about the so-called freshman 15. However, new research from the University of Georgia suggests that not gaining weight in college might be more complicated than just taking a walk

8 mins read

The Sleep Detectives

When the lights go down in UC Irvine’s Sleep Center, things can get a little strange. Although some of the overnight patients simply snore like lawnmowers, others sleepwalk, scream or act out dreams by kicking, pedaling and punching.

5 mins read
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